Zambia Youth Agripreneurs (ZYA) is making significant strides in horticulture and aquaculture, showcasing their commitment to sustainable agriculture and youth empowerment. Every week, ZYA successfully supplies between 250 to 400 bundles of assorted vegetables to various markets, including Melissa, Cheers, and local vendors. This consistent supply underscores their dedication to meeting the community’s demand for fresh produce.

As part of their expansion efforts, the cooperative is embarking on an ambitious project to plant over 25,000 cabbage seedlings. So far, they have already planted 10,000 seedlings, marking a significant step towards increasing their production capacity and market reach.

In the realm of aquaculture, ZYA is equally diligent. They are implementing best practices in fish farming to ensure the health and growth of their fish stock. The youth members of the cooperative play a crucial role in this enterprise, performing a variety of tasks to maintain optimal conditions in the fish ponds. These tasks include:

  • Regularly weighing fish samples to monitor growth.
  • Using specialized equipment to check water parameters.
  • Aerating the water to maintain optimal oxygen levels.
  • Meticulously removing debris from the ponds with scoop nets.
  • Carefully monitoring the feeding process to avoid overfeeding or underfeeding the fish.

ZYA’s holistic approach to agriculture not only enhances food security and economic development but also empowers young agripreneurs with practical skills and knowledge. Their efforts in horticulture and aquaculture demonstrate a robust model for sustainable agricultural practices and youth-led community development.

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