At the 7th edition of the AgriTech Expo in Chisamba, ET Zambia seized the spotlight, engaging small-holder farmers and the youth with cutting-edge agricultural technologies. The expo provided a platform for ET Zambia to showcase their innovative Agribusiness Park model, designed for young agripreneurs to fund their own ventures.

ET Zambia’s activities, aimed at igniting the passion of young individuals to view farming as a viable business, were also highlighted. This exposition wasn’t just about technology—it was a crucial networking opportunity. Trained youths were connected with financial lending institutions like Lupiya, opening doors to potential funding opportunities.

The event also fostered connections for ENABLE-TAAT, allowing them to network with key players in the agricultural business space, such as Lima Links and Vitalite.

Farmers were encouraged to adopt early maturing soybean and cassava varieties from IITA, addressing the pressing challenges of climate change. The expo was a vibrant blend of innovation, networking, and opportunity, setting the stage for a brighter agricultural future.

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