In the realm of agricultural development, the Kyazanga Farmers’ Cooperative emerges as a standout success story, benefiting from ENABLE TAAT’s training program in 2019. Under the leadership of entrepreneurs like Paul Gabri, aged 30, the cooperative has made significant strides in the agricultural sector, particularly in elevating the production of high-iron beans and maize seeds. Their transformative journey commenced in 2021, marked by the processing and branding of high-quality seeds for the market. Gabri, armed with a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences, has long nurtured ambitions of becoming a prominent Agriprenuer. The cooperative’s success stands as a testament to his dedication and strategic initiatives, which have not only expanded their business but also created employment opportunities for the youth within the community. The Kyazanga Farmers’ Cooperative’s reach extends beyond local borders, strategically broadening its supply chain to neighboring countries such as Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, and Sudan. The surging demand for their high-quality products has led to a significant milestone: securing a contract with Pan African Seed Company (SEEDCO), a renowned agro-dealers seed company based in Kenya. Much of the cooperative’s success is credited to ENABLE TAAT, which provided invaluable knowledge, skills, and timely mentorship and technical support. ENABLE TAAT’s comprehensive training program empowered Gabri and his team to navigate challenges effectively, positioning them for success in the competitive agricultural landscape. In conclusion, the Kyazanga Farmers’ Cooperative serves as a prime example of the transformative impact of ENABLE TAAT’s training on agricultural enterprises. Paul Gabri’s leadership and the cooperative’s strategic initiatives have not only enhanced their business but also contributed to the socio-economic development of the community. The expansion of their supply chain and the prestigious contract with SEEDCO underscore the cooperative’s regional influence. ENABLE TAAT’s crucial role in providing essential resources and support has been instrumental in facilitating the cooperative’s journey toward becoming a thriving and influential player in the agricultural sector.

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