On June 6, 2024, the Agricultural Knowledge Training Centre (AKTC) in Chisamba, Central Zambia, hosted a highly successful training session on horticulture, aimed at empowering women in agriculture. The session saw an overwhelming response, with over 30 women attending, eager to enhance their farming knowledge and techniques.

The primary focus of the training was on onion and cabbage production. Participants learned effective land preparation techniques to ensure the soil was ready for planting. They were taught best practices for planting onions and cabbages to maximize yield. The session also included detailed information on disease and pest management, helping the women identify and control common threats to their crops.

Effective crop management throughout the growing season was another key topic. The women learned best practices to ensure their crops thrived. Proper harvesting methods and post-harvest handling techniques were also covered, aimed at ensuring quality produce and reducing losses.

In addition to these core topics, the training addressed other important aspects such as spray calibration and chemical handling. The women were instructed on the use of protective clothing during spraying and the importance of water management in crop production.

The training session proved to be highly valuable. Participants gained essential skills and knowledge to improve their agricultural practices. This initiative is a significant step forward in empowering women in agriculture, ensuring they can contribute effectively to their families’ incomes and the broader economy.

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