Mr. Wambua joined the youth training program in early 2020 and began trials with Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) vines. As a model farmer, he cultivates various crop varieties. He embraced the improved OFSP variety and started a small plantation with just 50 vines. In six months, Mr. Wambua successfully multiplied the 50 vines and produced about one ton of OFSP. He sold both the tubers and vines to nearby farmers, generating a revenue of Ksh 5,000.

Mr. Wambua plans to add value to his produce by drying the OFSP for flour production. He testified that OFSP has significantly benefited him nutritionally, improved his household food security, and enhanced his economic standards. He has also helped other farmers adopt OFSP and created employment opportunities for youth who work as casual laborers on his farm. Mr. Wambua highly recommends OFSP for its quick maturity and nutritional benefits.

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