In a remarkable feat of entrepreneurial spirit, Mukono Youth Agripreneurs Cooperative achieved significant success in their Agribusiness park by stocking 1000 birds on November 28, 2023. Demonstrating their commitment to excellence, the venture encountered only 15 mortalities, setting the stage for a flourishing poultry enterprise.

At the four-week mark, the Mukono Youth Agripreneurs Cooperative started receiving booking orders from eager customers, attributed to the exceptional health and impressive weight of the birds, averaging between 1.3-1.7 kg per bird. This early demand was a testament to the high-quality poultry production maintained by the dedicated team. By the fifth week, the team successfully sold all 985 remaining birds, resulting in a total income of $3448. Their net profit stood at an impressive $385, highlighting the profitability and efficiency of their agribusiness venture. This financial success not only validated their strategic approach but also fueled the team’s motivation for future growth.
Bolstered by their initial success, the Mukono Youth Agripreneurs Cooperative made a swift and strategic reinvestment decision. Recognizing the potential for increased income, they expanded their poultry operation by increasing the number of birds to 1350. This expansion was driven by their unwavering commitment to maximizing profits and achieving long-term sustainability.

The success story of Mukono Youth Agripreneurs Cooperative wouldn’t have been possible without the valuable training they received in poultry production from ENABLE TAAT. The knowledge imparted by ENABLE TAAT equipped the team with the necessary skills and insights, contributing significantly to their achievement in the agribusiness sector. The Mukono Youth Agripreneurs Cooperative exemplifies the potential for success when dedication, strategic planning, and quality training come together. Their journey from stocking 1000 birds to expanding their operation to 1350 birds reflects not only their resilience but also their ability to capitalize on opportunities. As they continue to thrive, this success story serves as an inspiration for aspiring agribusiness enthusiasts and highlights the positive impact of effective training programs

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