Vigena Aquatic Blue Enterprise Limited (V-Aquatic Blue Ltd), established under Kenya’s Companies Act, is a youth-led consultancy firm and extension service provider in the aquaculture sector. Founded in 2018, the company comprises experts in aquaculture and aquatic sciences who offer a range of services, including pond and cage construction, hatchery management, and tailored training on best aquaculture practices.

V-Aquatic Blue Ltd has completed successful projects in fish cage construction and installation in Mwer Dam and Lake Kanyaboli, Siaya County. They also provide agribusiness incubation and training, particularly targeting youth. In collaboration with West Kenya Youth Agripreneurs (WKYA) and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) through the ENABLE TAAT project, the company has mentored over 300 youths, encouraging them to invest in agribusiness.

By working with both private and public entities, V-Aquatic Blue Ltd aims to close gaps in the aquaculture sector and enhance productivity, contributing significantly to the growth of aquaculture in West Kenya.

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