In Kenya, we began the incubation process by advertising training opportunities via posters and social media. Applications were received, and interviews were conducted in early October for Kibwezi incubates, while training in West Kenya was ongoing. The Kibwezi team recruited 30 trainees for in-person training and mentored an additional 15 trainees online, totaling 45 incubates trained in the last quarter. In West Kenya, 20 incubates completed their training in November, and 25 new recruits are currently in training.

For Kibwezi, advertisements for the January intake have been posted, with applications underway. Interviews will be held between December 27th and January 4th, aiming to recruit 30 new trainees. The West Kenya team has been trained in poultry production and fish farming, with some learning about OFSP production. In Kibwezi, many trainees opted for poultry farming and goat production, with sub-groups well-equipped in these topics. Additional presentations included market and marketing plans and business plan writing.

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