Gift Ainembabazi, a university student, saw his future take a transformative turn after attending an ET training session in Kalangala in November 2020. This pivotal experience ignited his passion for entrepreneurship, particularly in the agribusiness sector. Leveraging the skills and knowledge gained, Gift began exporting gluten-free flour made from Orange-Flesh Sweet Potatoes (OfSP).

Gift’s entrepreneurial journey didn’t stop there. He and his family started producing a range of products from OfSP, including porridge, high-quality flour, and crisps. Their dedication to quality and innovation soon paid off, securing their products a place on the shelves of major retailers such as Capital Shoppers in Nalya, Nakawa, and Garden City Shopping Mall.

Gift’s story is a testament to the power of targeted training and the potential for innovation within agribusiness. His success illustrates how education and entrepreneurship can create new opportunities and drive economic growth, particularly in niche markets like gluten-free products. Gift continues to inspire others with his commitment to improving food quality and accessibility while supporting local agriculture.

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