Over 100 Zambian youth are making waves in agriculture thanks to a partnership between Zambia Youth Agripreneurs (ZYA) and ENABLE-TAAT. This soybean seed production project empowers young people to become successful agripreneurs while addressing a critical need for improved seeds.

The project targets rural areas where youth farmers are identified and equipped with essential resources – seeds, fertilizers, and herbicides. This allows them to participate fully in both growing and selling high-quality soybean seeds, specifically the Kafue variety.

Scaling Up and Seeding Opportunity

The project extends beyond production. Some young participants become seed distributors within their communities, ensuring improved seed accessibility for smallholder farmers. These climate-smart seeds are crucial for addressing the nationwide challenge of limited access to high-quality planting materials.

Equipping Youths for Success

Before embarking on this journey, many youths received essential training in Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs). These “snap trainings” covered crucial planting and crop monitoring stages, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to maximize yields and ensure successful harvests.

This initiative empowers young Zambians to become not only successful farmers but also agents of change within the agricultural sector. By promoting access to improved seeds and fostering sustainable farming practices, the project paves the way for a brighter future for both the participants and the nation’s agricultural landscape.

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